York House has a brand-new women only service, now open for referrals and admissions. The team at York House decided to expand service provision for women, following an analysis of referrals for females whose needs were previously unmet.

The new 10-bed female only service provides a space where women can feel comfortable and safe, meeting CQC requirements for gender specific services.

Recent studies have indicated that while men are 1.6 times more likely than women to be admitted for head injury, female head injury admissions have risen 24% since 2005-6. This increasing frequency of women experiencing head injury, along with the real lack of provision of female specific services on a national level led the York House team’s decision to create a service dedicated to working with women with very complex needs.

This service will be able to admit females who, as a result of their brain injury, may demonstrate high levels of challenging behaviours. They may also have a mental health diagnosis and substance abuse issues. Females within the service can be detained under the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act or may be admitted informally if appropriate.

This has been an exciting development for York House, which is now one of two ‘women only’ facilities in the U.K. that offers neurobehavioural and neuropsychiatric rehabilitation and support in a women’s only service.

To make a referral you can use our secure online referral portal, contact York House directly on 01904 412666 or email yh@birt.co.uk

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